About Us

Where We Came From

Dine Niagara was created to support our local restaurants by offering the convenience of the major food ordering apps but with more predictable costs to the restaurant and more transparent costs to the consumer. Depending on the restaurant's chosen plan, up to 100% of your food order proceeds go directly to the restaurant. 

What Does That Mean For You?

Because we keep our costs low, Dine Niagara does not permit "markups" on pricing on our platform, so you can order with confidence that the price you are paying is the same as ordering direct.

We also don't charge any "service" or "convenience" fees to use the platform. You're doing the work to order, you shouldn't have to pay more!

Our delivery fees may appear higher than you'll find on other platforms, but that goes back to our commitment on transparency. We simply show you the actual cost of delivery rather than subsidizing it with high markups, service fees, and commissions to the restaurant. For example, a $10 appetizer ordered in-store may cost you $15 plus a $1.99 service fee and a $3.99 delivery fee for a total of $20.89 on another platform. With Dine Niagara you would pay just $10 plus $8.49 delivery (depending on your location) for $18.49. Order more... save more.

We encourage our customers to compare our pricing with the big apps. While we may not always be the cheapest, we are always the lowest cost provider that takes the least out of the transaction. Ordering with Dine Niagara means supporting local with more money going to the restaurant.

Dine Niagara. Support Local.

Dine Niagara... Everywhere!

Why are we "Dine Niagara" when we service all of Ontario? Easy... we launched our service supporting the Niagara Region and have grown from there! We thought about changing the name as we looked to expand beyond Niagara, but we didn't want to spend unnecessary time and money on new 'branding' that didn't make us better. 

Now... we believe we are one of the "wonders of the digital world"... offering an award winning technology platform with features that support even the most complex restaurants, delivering convenience and ease-of use that rivals even the best "big" corporate apps, all at a cost that is a fraction of the alternatives. We are Niagara at our core... so the name stays even as we welcome more and more communities onto the platform!

Dine Niagara is happy to support and contribute to the TastyIgniter and Home Assistant open source projects.