Do you own a restaurant in the Niagara Region?

We would love to have you join us on Dine Niagara!

Dine Niagara is built and managed by Succeed Sooner Consulting in St. Catharines. We built this portal and app to try to help our restaurant friends by providing a simple digital platform that offers:

  • Simple in-app and online ordering
  • Integrated delivery services across the Niagara Region
  • Marketing of your restaurant for both online and dine-in business
  • Direct credit card payments for online orders
  • Customer convenience of multiple restaurants
  • Control given back to the restaurant owner
  • Support for "ghost kitchen" brands

Dine Niagara has been built to try to shift the power back to restaurant owners and away from the big food delivery apps. We don't completely replace your online delivery service through the "big" guys, but we are the most affordable option to offer online ordering linked from your own website as well as access to a local marketplace to drive Niagara customers toward instead of the major apps!

Think of Dine Niagara as your digital ordering, delivery, and marketing partner, working together with you to promote your restaurant for both online orders and to direct customers to your restaurant to dine in person.

Frequenty Asked Questions

YES! We have an exclusive partnership that allows us to offer integrated delivery for your restaurant all across Niagara! We have simple integration for orders placed through the Dine Niagara platform, and we also support delivery for phone orders through our simple digital interface!

You will receive two logins for your restaurant to the Dine Niagara administration panel. One login is designed to be used for the owner/manager and has access to:

  • Set up/edit details about your restaurant
  • Edit your hours and delivery/pickup options
  • Decide or change what payment methods to accept (COD, Credit Card)
  • Setup and view your credit card payment account (including defining the bank account where payments will be routed directly).
  • Set up delivery areas and delivery charges.
  • Manage your menu and options.
  • Set up coupon codes and special offers for your restaurant.
The second account is your "operations" account and it is designed to only have access to:
  • Your orders page and to confirm and complete orders in the system.
  • You reservations page and to manage reservations requests.

Along with your accounts we will provide you with documentation for how to get started on Dine Niagara, how to set up your restaurant details, how to set up your menu, etc. We will complete the initial set up of your restaurant and menu for you at no cost, but you still have access to update and change things any time you like through our simple admin portal.

You will need to have a tablet or PC at your location. We do not provide a tablet with our service, but we can recommend either the Amazon Fire 8 (8") or Amazon Fire 10 (10") as good options. We will provide you simple setup instructions for whatever tablet you choose (Fire Tablet, Android, or iPad) to use our ordering portal. It is also handy to have a stand for your tablet - one we have tested ourselves is this simple one which should work well in most spaces.

As a part of our services we regularly highlight our restaurant partners, their special offers, and their features through our social media posts. We post regularly every day and include the features and specials that our partners send us in those posts. This active and regular engagement with our collective customers has resulted in very significant gains in order volume for many of our restaurants.

We also feature your eat-in specials or special events, highlight your patio availability and whether you are dog-friendly or covered, and will continue to find new ways to market your restaurant for both online and eat-in sales as we continue to develop our platform!

We send out regular updates to our restaurant partners offering tips and suggestions on how to maximize your results on the Dine Niagara platform. Like all of your marketing channels, there are ways to optimize your offerings on Dine Niagara to generate interest and drive sales, and we are always here to and ready to partner to help you!

There is no additional charge to be included in our daily social media feeds. You simply let us know by sending us an email about your specials or features and provide us any images you would like to represent you, and we will do the rest.

We will be relying primarily on our social media marketing through our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels. As part of that social media effort we will be sharing specials and features from our restaurant partners. All you have to do is send us your material and we will share it to our channels!

We also take advantage of media buying power with our broad reach to leverage traditional marketing channels at significantly reduced pricing to further grow the awareness of our local alternative.

We also rely on our restaurant partners to include Dine Niagara in their social media marketing, on flyers, etc. to drive traffic to the site. We will provide you with logos and buttons you can add to your website or advertisements to highlight your participation. We have a limited marketing budget for paid advertisements, so we are hoping that by all working together we can build the reach of these channels. This is about building a local community of restaurants and consumers who believe in supporting each other rather than paying large commissions and service fees to the big players.

You can also use Dine Niagara as a captive online ordering portal to drive your own website visitors to instead of the higher cost providers. You can simply add our "Order Now" button to your site linked directly to your unique restaurant menu URL (which we will provide on setup). Users can quickly log in or register on Dine Niagara and place their order directly there for you.

Running and supporting the Dine Niagara platform does have costs, but our fee structure has been designed only to cover the costs of operations. Our mission is to support local restaurants, not to make big profits.

Our fee structure is simple and designed to support you as you grow with us:

# of Monthly Orders Monthly Orders ($) Monthly Fee
None $0 $10
Up to 5 Up to $250 $25
Up to 20 Up to $750 $50
Unlimited Unlimited $75

If you choose to use our online credit card processing service, credit card purchases are subject to a 5% processing fee by our provider. Add additional brands (ghost kitchens) for $10 per brand per month. Additional brands must be at the same physical location.

Setup includes the full configuration of your menu, restaurant hours, delivery areas and rates etc. Everything you need to get going. You will need to set up your banking information in the system for payment transfers (gift cards and credit cards) and are responsible for obtaining the tablet or other device to use in restaurant.

We do not require any contract or commitment length. You are welcome to try our platform and if it doen't work for you you can cancel any time. If you choose to cancel and then sign back up at a later date, your pricing may be different based on our available offers at that time.

We have partnered with the CAA Rewards program to expand the marketing reach of restaurants who choose to participate in the program. The platform is integrated directly with CAA so we validate the CAA membership numbers for valid accounts before allowing any discounts.

As a participating restaurant you agree to offer a 5% discount to active CAA Rewards members who order through Dine Niagara. In exchange, your restaurant and logo will be featured through the CAA Rewards marketing which includes physical and email mailings, social media posts, and digital signage throughout the Niagara Region.

This program is 100% optional as a restaurant on Dine Niagara. As part of your setup we are happy to discuss questions you might have on the program.

To get started please submit your information below and we will be in touch in the next 24-48 hours to get you on your way.

Alternatively feel free to call our office at 289-438-8061.

We look forward to working with you!

For more information please submit your information via the form below or call our office at 289-438-8061.

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