Do you own a restaurant in Ontario?

We would love to have you join us on Dine Niagara!

Dine Niagara is a premium online ordering and delivery platform built to support local Ontario restaurants by drastically reducing the cost of offering online ordering and delivery to your customers. While we are called "Dine Niagara" our platform is available to restaurants across Ontario who are looking to add easy online ordering and delivery to improve their customer experience! Our platform has been designed to handle even the highest ordering volumes with full operational support. Our platform offers:

  • Full setup and maintenance of your online menu and promotions
  • Dedicated account support to help you promote your online ordering
  • Simple app and online ordering
  • Integrated delivery services in most areas
  • Marketing collateral to support online and in person promotion of your online ordering
  • Direct credit card and gift card payments for online orders with daily payouts
  • Support for "ghost kitchen" brands

Dine Niagara has been built to try to shift the power back to restaurant owners and away from the big food delivery apps. We don't replace the "big" guys, but we are the best option to allow you to redirect that traffic to your own online ordering page. Stop directing your own customers to high cost platforms with high markups on your prices and high service fees! Instead offer them your own fully managed online ordering and delivery with Dine Niagara!

Think of Dine Niagara as your digital ordering, delivery, and marketing partner, working together with you to help build your online orders and simplifying your takeout and delivery business!

Frequenty Asked Questions

YES! We have an exclusive partnership that allows us to offer integrated delivery for your restaurant all across Ontario leveraging DoorDash Drive and Uber Direct for delivery logistics! With Dine Niagara we have made it easy to quickly add reliable delivery for your customers with a low and predictable service cost! That means that Dine Niagara Delivery is available in any area where DoorDash or Uber operate in Ontario today!

Delivery charges are passed through to the customer and unless you offer your own discounts (which we support), there is no extra cost to you to offer delivery for your customers. We also provide direct support if there is ever a problem to ensure that your customer is taken care of without you having to deal with complicated delivery groups.

Our delivery has proven reliability with our average pickup within 3 minutes of the requested pickup time and overall delivery average of just under 11 minutes door-to-door. In addition, we provide our restaurants and the end customer with GPS tracking of the order to increase confidence and ensure you can verify expected timing at any time.

There are two ways you can accept the Dine Niagara Gift Card for your restaurant:

  • As a Dine Niagara Subscriber
    If you accept takeout and delivery orders with Dine Niagara you are automatically set up to accept gift cards. For takeout and delivery orders, we will automatically validate the customer gift card at checkout and payment will automatically flow to your bank account. For dine-in redemptions, you will use the Dine Niagara App to redeem the card in person. Dine Niagara Subscribers can redeem unlimited gift cards with no processing fees.
  • Accept Dine Niagara Gift Cards In Person Only
    If you do not take orders through Dine Niagara you can still be set up to accept the Dine Niagara Gift Card in person. In person redemptions are done through the Dine Niagara App and payments flow to your bank account automatically. For restaurants that do not accept orders through the Dine Niagara platform there is a 5% processing fee for all Dine Niagara Gift Card transactions.

Our goal at Dine Niagara is to stay out of the transaction as much as possible, so we don't hold funds from our restaurants. In fact, depending on how you work with us, we support payments in person or through your own POS device if you prefer!

For online payments and Dine Niagara Gift Cards we have partnered with Stripe to handle payments. With their advanced system we are able to offer you full fraud protection for all credit card transactions on our platform and your sales are paid out daily directly to your bank account. (Note: you will usually see a delay of 2-5 business days for payouts to reach your bank account).

YES! Dine Niagara integrates with Order with Google so users can discover you on Google Search and Maps and easily be redirected to your website to complete their order. Now, customers already searching for food on Google will find and be redirected to order from your website in just a few taps.

Setup is easy. This integration will enable us to match our merchant accounts with a Business Profile, automatically adding an order action link to your profile. If you don’t have a Business Profile yet, you can set one up here.

If you already have your Google Business profile set up, we will automatically add our link to the list of available order providers once your menu is live on our system!

You will receive two logins for your restaurant to the Dine Niagara administration panel. One login is designed to be used for the owner/manager and has access to:

  • Set up/edit details about your restaurant
  • Edit your hours and delivery/pickup options (including vacation / special hours)
  • Decide or change what payment methods to accept (COD, Credit Card) (Depending on subscription package)
  • Setup and view your credit card payment account (including defining the bank account where payments will be routed directly).
  • Set up delivery areas and delivery charges. (Depending on subscription package)
  • Manage your menu and options. (Depending on subscription package)
  • Set up coupon codes and special offers for your restaurant.
The second account is your "operations" account and it is designed to only have access to:
  • Your orders page and to confirm and complete orders in the system.
  • Request, track, and manage deliveries.
  • Adjust your pickup ready time to handle busier times.
  • Your quick close menu to turn on and off orders outside of your normal schedule.
  • Mark items out of stock as required.
  • Accept Dine Niagara Gift Cards in person.

Along with your accounts we will provide you with documentation for how to get started and use Dine Niagara as well as full setup and support as you get going.

You will need to have a tablet or PC at your location. location. Depending on your setup choice, we do not provide a tablet, but our app is available for any Android, iOS, or Amazon Fire Tablet. If you choose one of our setup options with a tablet included, we will provide a suitable tablet pre-configured for your location.

Our restaurant app is available for iOS, Android, or Fire Tablet, so we can support any device you have available, and our restaurant order interface is also web enabled so you can use any PC/Laptop or web enabled device to manage orders as well.

As a part of our services we regularly highlight our restaurant partners, their special offers, and their features through our social media posts. We post regularly every day and include the features and specials that our partners send us in those posts. This active and regular engagement with our collective customers has resulted in very significant gains in order volume (both online and dine-in and phone) for many of our restaurant partners. We regularly reach up to 50,000 individuals weekly through our Social Media channels.

We also send 2-3 emails to our 6,500+ customer members on a monthly basis highlighting the best deals that are available from our restaurant partners. We can accomodate specific targeted email blasts for our restaurants on a per-campaign basis. Please speak with your account manager for details.

Additionally, we have a full catalogue of print and in-person promotional materials that are available to be customized for your restaurant. We can provide printed takeout menus with your QR code for ordering, window stickers, banners, business cards, and more. Work with your account manager for options to support your restaurant.

We send out regular updates to our restaurant partners offering tips and suggestions on how to maximize your results on the Dine Niagara platform. Like all of your marketing channels, there are ways to optimize your offerings on Dine Niagara to generate interest and drive sales, and we are always here to and ready to partner to help you!

There is no additional charge to be included in our daily social media feeds. You simply let us know by sending us an email about your specials or features and provide us any images you would like to represent you, and we will do the rest.

Dine Niagara is primarily your own online ordering platform. Our most successful restaurants include their QR code in printed menus, and promote their availability online through their website and social media pages and posts.

Your account manager can help by providing best practices, customized marketing graphics and collateral (additional costs may apply for physical collateral).

Dine Niagara will also be posting through our social media platforms through our Facebook, Instagram, Threads and X channels which reach over 50,000 people weekly. We generally highlight each of our restaurants 1-2 times per month, however restaurants offering special promotions and/or charitable programs will receive more focus.

We also take advantage of media buying power with our broad reach to leverage traditional marketing channels at significantly reduced pricing to further grow the awareness of our local alternative. If you're interested in discounted media buys, we can help coordinate special media purchases with local radio, print, and TV channels.

Running and supporting the Dine Niagara platform does have costs, but our fee structure has been designed to balance growth while maintaining a fair and predictable cost for our restaurant partners. Our team is here to help you be successful with online ordering and delivery, and we have priced our services to be competitive with other online ordering providers, but with significantly more capability and direct support.

Additionally, we regularly offer special promotions to help get you online faster! Reach out to us to discuss your own needs and we may have a special program available for you.

We have three levels of support you can choose from:

Most Popular

Fixed Subscription Plan

Designed for restaurants with moderate takeout volumes who want a predictable monthly cost and more control over their own menu and payments.
$149 Setup
Fee Waived with One Year Commitment
Add a tablet with stand for $199

Paid annually
$100/month paid monthly (no commitments)

  • Unlimited orders and deliveries.
  • Access to all features.
  • Use our delivery service or your own self-delivery.
  • Use our delivery service for any prepaid order (phone etc).
  • App, email, and telephone notifications for new orders.
  • Full access to self-managed console including full location details, menu, and reporting.
  • Full initial setup. ****
  • Setup and management of one monthly promotion (coupon/discount campaign with marketing support).
  • Menu updates up to 6 times per year.
  • Dedicated account support.
  • Accept Dine Niagara gift cards with daily payouts. (No transaction fees.)
  • Accept online credit cards with daily payouts, pay in person, or restaurant POS payments for self-delivery.
    (Credit card prepaid required for Dine Niagara delivery services) ***
  • Marketing and promotion support on demand
    (quoted and billed separately)

Add your own custom designed gift card for $25/month
No Commitment

Low Volume Plan

Designed for restaurants with low takeout volumes who want the benefits of online ordering and delivery without any commitment or fixed costs.
$149 Setup
Add a tablet with stand for $199

Variable Cost
Paid on each order *
  • 10% of Order Subtotal **
  • $1 per order processed

  • Unlimited orders and deliveries.
    (Self-delivery and manual deliveries not available).
  • Access to all features.
  • App, email, and telephone notifications for new orders.
  • Basic self-management of location details, working hours, and reporting.
  • Full initial setup. ****
  • Setup and management of one monthly promotion (coupon/discount campaign with marketing support).
  • Menu updates up to 6 times per year.
  • Dedicated account support.
  • Accept Dine Niagara gift cards with daily payouts.
    (5% transaction fee applies.)
  • All orders prepaid online with daily payouts. ***
  • Marketing and promotion support on demand
    (quoted and billed separately)
No Online Orders

Gift Card Plan

Designed for restaurants with who only want to accept Dine Niagara and/or their own branded gift cards for in person payments.
Add a tablet with stand for $199
Optional $99 Setup with Custom Gift Card Design.

No Monthly Fee
Optional: $25/month with custom gift card design

  • Accept Dine Niagara (or custom design) gift cards in person with daily payouts.
    * 5% transaction fee applies
  • Marketing and promotion support on demand
    (quoted and billed separately)

Subscription fees are per location or brand (for ghost kitchens). Discounts available for multi-location restaurants with the same menu. Special programs available for franchise multi-location setups including dedicated landing pages for your brand.

* Fees are collected from credit card payments prior to fund routing to the restaurant. ** 10% fee charged for all confirmed and completed orders on the food and drink subtotal (excluding delivery, taxes, donations, and tips). Fee is reduced to 5% for orders that are cancelled by the restaurant after being received. Cancelled order fees collected on the next successful order. *** 5% credit card payment processing fee covers all online processing and funds routing costs including per transaction fees, variable transaction fees, and daily funds routing to the restaurant (no funds held by Dine Niagara). **** Setup of a reasonable sized menu considered to be up to 60 menu items with related menu options. If you have a significantly large menu, additional setup fees may be required and will be quoted at the time of setup.

We do not require any contract or commitment length unless you want to take advantage of preferred pricing options outlined. You are welcome to try our platform and if it doen't work for you you can cancel any time with no cancellation fees or penalties.

We have partnered with the CAA Rewards program to expand the marketing reach of restaurants who choose to participate in the program. The platform is integrated directly with CAA so we validate the CAA membership numbers for valid accounts before allowing any discounts.

As a participating restaurant you agree to offer a 5% discount to active CAA Rewards members who order through Dine Niagara. In exchange, your restaurant and logo will be featured through the CAA Rewards marketing which includes physical and email mailings, social media posts, and digital signage throughout the Niagara Region.

In addition, one to two times per year, CAA will offer their members a limited time offer for up to two weeks where they will offer a discount at participating restaurants of 20% instead of the normal 5%. At the end of the Limited Time Offer period, you will receive the difference (15%) of the discount in a lump sum.

This program is 100% optional as a restaurant on Dine Niagara. As part of your setup we are happy to discuss questions you might have on the program.

To get started please submit your information below and we will be in touch in the next 24-48 hours to get you on your way.

Alternatively feel free to call our office at 289-438-8061.

We look forward to working with you!

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