Dine Niagara Gift Cards

Thank you for choosing Dine Niagara to support local restaurants! To order or send someone a gift card, please select your gift card below, select an amount between $25 and $200 to load onto the card, and click to BUY. Our system will send the gift card to you or someone else you choose by email, and you can even choose to send the card on a specific date in the future to celebrate a special day. Thank you for choosing Dine Niagara!

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Charity Gift Cards

Dine Niagara partners with charities across the region to help support their fundraising goals. If you choose to purchase a gift card from one of our charity partners, we will donate 5% of the value of the gift card to your selected charity!

It's a win/win... you support great local restaurants with no commissions or "convenience" fees and you also support an important local charity or community group to do even more good work in Niagara!.


Start Me Up Niagara

Start Me Up Niagara's mission to assist in our community by offering supports and services to people who are marginalized by homelessness, compromised mental health, addictions, trauma, and poverty. SMUN’s goal is to achieve an increase in each individual’s level of self-sufficiency by providing opportunities to generate income, improve health, and integrate into the community.

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All Available Charity Gift Cards: