Community Partnerships

On a rotating monthly basis, Dine Niagara partners with charities and other community groups in order to help raise attention and funds to support their important work. These partnerships can include several different types of support including:

  • Providing a link and banner on our home page and locations list to allow our visitors to make donations directly to these organizations or learn more about their programs and services.
  • Sharing content and information about our partner and their programs through our social media and marketing channels.
  • Direct financial donations from Dine Niagara, our employees, and/or our local restaurant partners.
  • Contest prize donations to support other charitable or community activities that these organizations may engage in.
  • Collecting donations through our checkout process to be routed to the community partner.

The core mission of Dine Niagara is to create a community of support around our local restaurants in an economical model that is both self-sustainable and beneficial to the restaurants first, the community second, and Dine Niagara last.  Everything we do is oriented around supporting our restaurant partners, and our fees for services are designed only to cover the costs of providing those services.

Aligning with local charities and community groups that are helping to build a stronger local community is very well aligned to that mission. If you ever have a question about our approach or partnership with any of our community and charity partners feel free to contact us directly.

Important Note About Checkout Donations

As we are not a registered charity in Canada, there is no way for Dine Niagara or our participating restaurant partners to issue charitable donation receipts for any donations collected through the Dine Niagara platform. Dine Niagara facilitates the donation and the restaurants themselves receive the funds from the donations on your order. At the end of each of the partnership months, restaurants who have collected donations will route the aggregate donation to the community partner.

If you would like to receive a charitable receipt for your donation, please make your donation directly to the charity through their own donations page. 

Online Ordering and Delivery Partnership Opportunities

Are you a charity or community group looking to raise funds or awareness? Do you have an upcoming food fundraising event (wing night, spaghetti dinner etc) that you would like to offer takeout and delivery and online ordering for? We would love to work with you! Dine Niagara has several ways we can support your event or campaign and we'd love to talk to you to help. Please contact us directly and we are happy to discuss your needs!

Gift Card Fundraising Donation Program

Are you looking to raise funds for your charity or community organization? The Dine Niagara Gift Card program might be a fit! We will custom design your own online Gift Card powered by Dine Niagara and provide you a link to sell your own gift cards which can be used at any Dine Niagara Gift Card restaurant (in person or online). We will donate 5% of the sales of any gift cards you sell back to your organization! Your gift card campaign can run on an ongoing basis to allow your supporters to also support local restaurants while they support you! Please contact us directly and we are happy to discuss your needs!